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Circular Economy is a new hot and important concept. If you want to learn more, please join our free courses here. Think Circular, think Green!

Welding technologies

Free vocational training course on Welding Technologies available at our Learning Management System.  

Augmented Reality


Want to use Augmented Reality in your activity? We have the perfect FREE course for you! Available in English, Romanian, Icelandic and Lithuanian languages. 

3D Printing

If you need to learn more about 3D printing technologies, you can register for our free 3DPrinting courses.

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  • dComFra
  • SEE4.0
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  • TEX4.0

EEA Project No. EY-COP-001

Global Digital Manufacturing Industry 4.0 - Joint Curriculum and Research (MAGIC)

In order to embrace IND4.0 working environments in a company, the training and qualifications of its skilled workers must be adapted to meet the new requirements of this

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Erasmus+ Project No. 2019-1-MT01-KA202-051203 funded by EUPA Malta

A digital VET toolkit for promoting the 4th Industrial Revolution in the European health sector


The main aim of this Project called digi4HEALTH (A Digital VET Toolkit for Promoting the 4th Industrial

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Erasmus+ Project No. 22019-1-MT01-KA203-051265

An Innovative Higher Education Institution Training Toolbox to EffeCtively AddRess the EUropean InduStry 4.0 Skills Gap and Mismatches – ICARUS

Project ICARUS brings together a number of experts and leaders in Industry 4.0 from European Higher Education Institutions

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Erasmus+ Project No.

598236-EPP-1-2018-1-LT-EPPKA2-CBHE-SP (dComFra)

Digital competence framework for Ukrainian teachers and other citizens (dComFra)

The purpose of this project is to improve the Digital Competence (DC) development situation in Ukraine (UA), to harmonize it with the European mainstream by adaptation of the Digital Competence Frameworks for Citizens and for Educators, creation Ukrainian National Digital Coalition (UNDC); to reform in-service training for teachers and to provide “best practices” experiences of how DC could be further developed in general and adapted

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Erasmus+ Project No. 2019-1-PL01-KA202-064936

SEE4.0 – Enabling Industry 4.0 in Small European Enterprises

Main objectives:
The main objective of SEE 4.0 project is to strengthen Industry 4.0 – related key competences of SMEs owners and managers through developing innovative training materials purposely designed to

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Erasmus+ Project No. 2020-1-RO01-KA202-080164

Connecting ICT solutions with circular food to lay a path for sustainability (CE4FOOD)

New CE4Food European Project fosters food waste awareness within the scope of Circular Economy

This new European transnational project started on the first of November 2020 and

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Erasmus+ Project No.


A Digital Trainers Toolbox To Help Crane Operators Update Their Skills for Industry4.0 Environments

(CRANE 4.0)

A Digital Trainers Toolbox To Help Crane Operators Update Their Skills for Industry4.0 Environments (2019-1-ES01-KA202-065956)

CRANE 4.0 takes inspiration from the Analytical Report Improving the human capital basis issued by the European Construction Sector Observatory of the European Commission (ECSO, 2017) which urges to up-skill and re-skill the European construction labour force with new skills to meet the demand of

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Erasmus+ Project No. 2021-1-CZ01-KA220-VET-000033007

EuropeAn 3d printinG poLymer opErators (EAGLE)

The development of a brand-new AM Polymer Operator harmonized curriculum aligned with industry and constantly updated on a regular basis, is a priority in current times. The EAGLE project will tackle the

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Erasmus Project No. 2021-1-MT01-KA220-VET-000025011

Virtual & Augmented Reality Trainers Toolbox to foster Low Carbon Tourism & Related Entrepreneurship

7 European partners working together to foster Low Carbon Tourism

The VINCI project thus aims to foster a shift towards low carbon tourism (LCT)

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Erasmus Project No. 2021-1-CZ01-KA220-ADU-000026532

A Modular VR & AR Based Educational Toolkit To Help EU Adults Foster Climate Neutral Practices

The VITAL project is motivated by the EU's Green Deal Action Plan and the exploitation of two Erasmus+ priorities – the fight against climate change combined with digital transformation in this case in the adult education sector. Various studies, statistics and surveys show that the rate of natural resource extraction is rapidly growing and our planet and the home of mankind

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Erasmus+ Project No. 2023-1-DE02-KA220-VET-000154009

Enabling Industry 4.0 Skills in Textile SMEs (TEX4.0)

TEX4.0, the project to enable Industry 4.0 Skills in Textile SMEs

The TEX4.0 project a ims to provide VET learners, including the current textile workforce and NEETs, with training and upskilling on Textile 4.0 – related technologies, in order to keep up with the rapid technological advances of the sector and to increase their employability opportunities.

This initiative is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union and

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Science Topics


Orion constellation Palacký University, Czech Republic SC-1

How do radio waves travel?
– model 1
– model 2
– model 3

MECB Ltd, Malta


Learning about trees SC Arborist, S.R.L., Romania SC-3
The Chemistry of Water St. Theresa College, Malta SC-4

Learning about cutting and Milling Processes
– model 1
– model 2
– model 3
– model 4
– model 5
– model 6

University Politechnica of Bucharest, Romania


The Chemistry of Biofuel Joanna Pinewood Education, United Kingdom SC-6
The Chemistry of Hydrogen Joanna Pinewood Education, United Kingdom SC-7
Using AR to Create Active Learning Experiences (GEMS) Southwest Learning and Skills, United Kingdom SC-8


History Topics

Residence of Archbishop Zdík Palacky University, Czech Republic AR-1
Explore Ireland’s Newgrange Dublin and Dún Laoghaire ETB, Ireland AR-2
How is Rome’s Coliseum Armedia AR-3
What is Malta’s Domus Romana? MECB Ltd, Malta AR-4
Learning About the Clock Museum SC Arborist, S.R.L., Romania AR-5
Dingli Chapel St.Theresa College, Malta AR-6
Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes Vocational Training Centre Apopsi SA, Greece AR-7



ARTE partnership

University Politehnica of Bucharest is the largest Technical University in Romania greatly contributing to the development of Higher Education.  It has a vast range of expertise in CAD/CAM technologies for innovation and creativity in Technical Engineering, these concepts being taught to students for several years. CAD/CAM technologies constituted an integral part in the training process of a technical engineer. The academic and technical staffs of one of its centers - CAMIS has experience in CAD/CAM and ICT technologies concepts. The CAMIS centre has a vast experience with EU projects. CAMIS centre was involved in Longlife Learning projects with highly appreciated results by the target audiences and end-users, including in the area of AR such as “Joyful adult training using augmented reality”(JOYAR) GRU-12-P-LP-74-B-CZ, Grundtvig Partnerships, 2012-2014; “European SMEs in Computer Aided Industrial Design(euCAD)”, 142514-LLP-1-2008-1-RO-LEONARDO-LMP, Leonardo da Vinci Multilateral Project - Development of Innovation, 277534 Euro, 2008-2010; “Transfer Of Best-Practice & Innovation in CAD for Logistics Stakeholders”(LOGICAD), 2012-1-ES1-LEO05-48228, Leonardo da Vinci Programme, Transfer of innovation (TOI), 2012-2014.

The University of Akureyri (UNAK) currently operates in three schools:  School of Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Health Sciences and School of Business and Science. UNAK has emphasized on offering on-line and flexible learning and currently 46% of the students are distance learners through recordings and study material uploaded on a Moodle platform, video-conferencing together with on-campus work weeks.  Of relevance to the ARTE project is that UNAK’s future vision (Strategy 2012-2017) states that “The university is particularly keen to utilise the possibilities of phase structured and flexible courses, as well as of traditional on-campus courses, encouraging cooperation with knowledge centres which operate in rural areas and which are a source of innovation and entrepreneurship”.    Furthermore, the strategy states that in order to grow as an educational community, UNAK plans to “-follow the latest developments in information technology and upgrade technical equipment for study and teaching; -Train and support teachers in order to improve their skills in educational studies, teaching techniques and syllabus creation, especially pertaining to phase structured and flexible studies in active cooperation with domestic and foreign specialists”.  UNAK will thus contribute to the curriculum design and testing  of the ARTE courseware.  

MECB a corporate member of the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise & Industry  is  a technical consultancy bureau providing specialized training and technical support services including mentoring in a range of technologies and methodologies including AR.  MECB  has experience in  a number of EU funded  projects including being member of the Steering Committee and leading Work packages such as in JoyAR (Joyful Adult Training using Augmented Reality,, Grundtvig Partnership Grant of Eur 16,500, running from 1/8/2012-31/7/2014),   PYE (Promote Youth Entrepreneurship,, Leonardo da Vinci Partnership, Eur 16,500 running from 1/8/2012 - 31/7/2014) and euCAD (Amplifying Skills for EUropean SMEs in Computer Aided Industrial Design,, LdV Project, Total Grant of  Eur 375,0000 running from 1/11/2008 - 31/10/2010). MECB will be instrumental in providing AR expertise in the ARTE project.




The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bistrita Nasaud County (CCI BN) is an independent, non-governmental entity, being involved in  business development, business consulting, training and project management areas of specific expertise and competence.   CCI BN is certified as a Technological Transfer Centre and has close working relations with Enterprise Europe Network. The Chamber is part of Romanian Chambers of Commerce and Industry Network having 41 members all over the Country. The Chamber host Bistrita Europe Direct Information Centre having access to a network of around 500 Centres along Europe. More information   Of relevance to ARTE is that CCI BN has experience in several EU cooperation projects such as: European Social Fund, Leonardo da Vinci, Grundtvig, Phare, USAID, UNCTAD, GTZ, Asia Invest, FP6 and European Social Fund. CCIBN has experience in  a number of EU projects related to entrepreneurship and business skills including  : BIS NET, European Social Fund, 2007-2010, “Regions for Jobs”, European Social Fund, 2010-2013; HENGE, Longlife learning project, 2011-2013; EU4US, Longlife learning project, 2010-2012.

ARTE Project progress and Results

ARTE main results


ARTE main activities

P1: Development Phase

A1 – Understanding the AR Training Needs of Young Technical Entrepreneurs

A2 - Joint ARTE Module Curriculum Development

A3 - ARTE Module Content Development

P2: Implementation Phase

A4 ARTE e-learning Content Implementation

A5 ARTE Course Pilot Testing

P3:  Exploitation Phase

A6 Dissemination & Exploitation Strategies

A7 ARTE Hands-on Workshop 

A8 ARTE Final Conference and related Proceedings

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vision Our long term vision vision is that our research and innovation activities will contribute to solutions for some of nowadays industrial problems, leading to Industry 4.0 successfull worldwide implementation.


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