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Erasmus+ Project No. 2017-1-MT01-KA204-026949 funded by EUPA Malta

Virtual & Augmented Reality Trainers Toolbox to Enable Adults Catch Up With Life Skills



The main aim of this Erasmus+ Project called  VITA (Virtual & Augmented Reality Trainers Toolbox to Enable Adults Catch Up With Life Skills)  is to  develop a novel toolbox by which Adult Trainers can attract, reach out and assist adult learners to catch up with 21st Century life skills and in particular digital literacy.  The project is  funded under the Eramsus+  Programme through Malta's National Agency EUPA.     It will  run for  24 months between 2nd October 2017 and 1st October 2019.   VITA involves  5 partners coming from the Czech Republic, Greece,  Malta and Romania.  To achieve its overall aim, the VITA project consortium has set a number of  objectives and aims  to address the following target groups:

 OB1: To understand the training needs of adult learners in the partner countries with respect to 21st Century life skills.
 OB2: To develop a Curriculum targeted at engaging adults to learn 21st Century life skills.
 OB3: To develop a set of case-studies exploiting VAR technology to both attract and engage adults to catch up and learn 21st Century life skills.
 O4: To develop an innovative VAR-based toolbox which provides EU Adult Trainers with a set of resources including case-studies, demos and e-learning content to allow them to both attract and engage adult learners in learning 21st Century life skills.
 OB5: To evaluate the VAR-based toolbox with a set of Adult Trainers in one of the partner countries.
 OB6: To disseminate & exploit the results of the VITA project and in particular ensure that the innovative VAR training toolbox is openly available to at least 1000 other Adult Trainers across Europe.

Target Groups
As its audience, the VITA project will address the following target groups:
TG1: The primary Target group consists of  EU Adult trainers as these will be able to exploit the VITA training toolbox to help adult learners to acquire Century life Skills.
TG2: The secondary target group consists of Adult learners that need a second chance of catching up with 21st Century.
TG3: The third group  consists of stakeholders related to the Adult Education sector including policy makers and managers that can influence the direction of adult training.

The VITA project partners have been chosen in such a way as to ensure a good balance between experts in Adult Education pedagogy, second chance training/learning and curriculum development, digital literacy, Virtual & Augmented Reality technology as well as stakeholders from the social sector. VITA thus brings together a number of European entities ranging from Adult Training Institutions, public HEI, private VAR technology service providers and social enterpirse to collectively develop a VAR based training toolbox targeted at engaging adult learners to acquire 21st Century skills and in particular digital literacy:

  • MECB LTD Malta
  • UPB-CAMIS, Romania
  • Drosostalida Social Enterprise Athens,  Greece
  • Malta Business Bureau B'Kara, Malta
  • RPIC-ViP Ostrava, Czech Republic

For more information, please visit the VITA project website.

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vision Our long term vision vision is that our research and innovation activities will contribute to solutions for some of nowadays industrial problems, leading to Industry 4.0 successfull worldwide implementation.


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