Objectives of the ARTE3DP project:

Taking into consideration the above aspects, the current proposal is a continuation and development of the ARTE project and aims to create a common structure, curriculum and content for the “Augmented Reality (AR) and 3D printing (3DP)” interdisciplinary teaching module aimed at Science/Engineering/Business Higher Education stakeholders.   As the ARTE project only dealt with Augmented Reality technologies, there is a trend now linking AR with 3D printing for better visualization of the final product (please see http://www.augment.com/blog/technology-trends-2016-augmented-reality-and-3d-printing/), for making 3D printing more feasible and more economical (only printing once, as the AR helps the final user foresee how the printed object will look like into the real environment, better visualization of the final product from a 3D perspective and from all angles as facilitated by the AR experience, etc.).

For this reason, the ARTE3DP project will:

  1. Develop a training framework to support students in acquiring entrepreneurial skills related to and exploiting AR and 3DP technology
  2. To develop an innovative interdisciplinary teaching module (AR & 3DP training material, course support, case studies, etc.)
  3. To further raise awareness on the new AR technologies and 3DP for prospective business entrepreneurs via case-studies & a number of dissemination activities.

The ARTE3DP project will involve as associated/silent partner the Asociatia Glasul Romilor Pro-Europa that will organize a training seminar in that area with minimum 15 roma participants (preferably with higher education studies or currently involved in tertiary education, with pre-existing minimal ICT knowledge) that will be trained in these novel technologies to boost their entrepreneurial skills.


University Politehnica of Bucharest is the largest Technical University in Romania greatly contributing to the development of Higher Education. It has a vast range of expertise in CAD/CAM technologies for innovation and creativity in Technical Engineering, these concepts being taught to students for several years. CAD/CAM technologies constituted an integral part in the training process of a technical engineer. The academic and technical staffs of one of its centers - CAMIS has experience in CAD/CAM and ICT technologies concepts. The CAMIS centre has a vast experience with EU projects. CAMIS centre was involved in Longlife Learning projects with highly appreciated results by the target audiences and end-users, including in the area of AR such as “Joyful adult training using augmented reality”(JOYAR) GRU-12-P-LP-74-B-CZ, Grundtvig Partnerships, 2012-2014; “European SMEs in Computer Aided Industrial Design(euCAD)”, 142514-LLP-1-2008-1-RO-LEONARDO-LMP, Leonardo da Vinci Multilateral Project - Development of Innovation, 277534 Euro, 2008-2010; “Transfer Of Best-Practice & Innovation in CAD for Logistics Stakeholders”(LOGICAD), 2012-1-ES1-LEO05-48228, Leonardo da Vinci Programme, Transfer of innovation (TOI), 2012-2014.



The University of Akureyri (UNAK) currently operates in three schools: School of Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Health Sciences and School of Business and Science. UNAK has emphasized on offering on-line and flexible learning and currently 46% of the students are distance learners through recordings and study material uploaded on a Moodle platform, video-conferencing together with on-campus work weeks. Of relevance to the ARTE3DP project is that UNAK’s future vision (Strategy 2012-2017) states that “The university is particularly keen to utilise the possibilities of phase structured and flexible courses, as well as of traditional on-campus courses, encouraging cooperation with knowledge centres which operate in rural areas and which are a source of innovation and entrepreneurship”. Furthermore, the strategy states that in order to grow as an educational community, UNAK plans to “-follow the latest developments in information technology and upgrade technical equipment for study and teaching; -Train and support teachers in order to improve their skills in educational studies, teaching techniques and syllabus creation, especially pertaining to phase structured and flexible studies in active cooperation with domestic and foreign specialists”.

Main project results

Leontina Gheorghe

5th year student, Universitatea de Medicina si Farmacie Carol Davila, member of "Glasul Romilor pro Europa" Association

"I have no idea about this technology, but I am sure it will help me a lot in the near future!"



 A1 - Joint ARTE3DP Curriculum

A3 - ARTE3DP e-learning Content based on A1 (available at www.camis.pub.ro/artem/)

A5 - International seminar and consortium meeting in Iceland(11-16.10.2016)

A6 - ARTE3DP International test pilot and Hands-on Workshop in Romania (24-27.11.2016)

A7 - ARTE3DP training/dissemination seminar RO (September 2016)

Project coordinator:


CAMIS Center

University Politehnica of Bucharest

IMST Faculty, room CE210-212, CK105

Splaiul Independentei 313

060042 Bucharest, Romania

Project manager: Prof. Catalin G. Amza

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