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Promotor: Politehnica University of Bucharest


The general project objectives are:
-          Sharing of expertise between a number of EU partners with recognized competence in the area of Computer Aided Industrial Design and Innovation;
-          Address a fine-sartorial need of great demand of qualified people with IT skills and competences (medium level) 
-          Equal opportunities with regards to the employment chances and promote of young graduates; equal opportunities for both man  and women
-          Design and implementation of VET and eVET products in several languages; the eVET contents published in to specific and-Learning Platform 
-          Covering new qualifications and skills required by the labour market due to technological advances and evolution, referred to the different situation in the countries of the partnership
-          Sharing of experiences in the area of CAD training/testing among project partners 
-          Improving the collaboration relations between project partners
-          Enlarging the access of the SMEs personnel to educational resources
-          Official and mutual recognizing of competencies and IT skills
-          Development of Information Society in all countries involved within the partnership of the project 
-          Valorisation and dissemination of the project results and products at local, National and across Europe
-          Setting up a transnational network (further improving the existing links among some of the partners involved in the project), with a possibility for further development. This will allow for:

§  Setting up of a distance professional training system using ICT tools;
§  Information updating between partners concerning testing and improving of the learning products and results
§  Dissemination and valorisation of the results obtained in the different levels of the programme

The specific project objectives are:
-          Realisation of a detailed study report summarizing the problems faced by workers, in hindering them from attending life-long learning programmes,  focusing  in particular on those based in industrially-oriented SMEs  where innovation and  creativity needs to be exploited
-          Realisation of a detailed ‘innovation’ vocational training system framework developed for overcoming the limitations identified from the study report specified above
-          Effective knowledge transfer and mentoring of a number of SME stakeholders  on CAD technology, Collaborative Design and Innovation,  in the different partner countries.
Thus, the general objective of the euCAD project is to thus develop an innovative vocational training means  on  how  adults at their place of work & home, and in particular in the context of an enlarged EU, can be supported in acquiring knowledge and certifying their skills  on 2D & 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) for  industrial applications.
 The euCAD project  will thus contribute to a higher level of innovation across European Member  States, this indeed being necessary if the whole EU is to remain competitive on a global basis.

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Latest News:
Records New CAD Courses for C&I

New CAD courses for Creativity and Innovation are starting on 22nd of March 2012. For more information please send an email to acata1@camis.pub.ro

SMEs seminar on Autodesk Inventor

UPB is proud to invite prospective stakeholders to an SMEs seminar that is scheduled for 16th of January 2012. There is a limited number of guests. Please confirm your participantion at acata1@camis.pub.ro

euCAD courses

The euCAD courses on Creativity and Innovation through Computer Aided Design are scheduled to start around 10th of April 2011. If you want to participate, please send an email message to acata1@camis.pub.ro.

euCAD SMEs mentoring service

The euCAD consortium has mentored collectively around 20 SMEs in Romania, Malta, Portugal, United Kingdom, Lithuania and Estonia. If you would like your SME to be mentored, please contact us at acata1@camis.pub.ro.

euCAD visit to Porto Chamber of Commerce

During the last project meeting, the consortium has been given a presentation at the premises of Porto Chamber of Commerce (23rd of September 2010).

euCad Last Consortium meeting

The euCAD 6th consortium meeting took place in Porto, Portugal, hosted by Inovafor Lda on the 23rd-25th of September 2010.

SMEs On-site mentoring service

The euCAD partners will start the SMEs on-site mentoring service shortly. Further details will be posted on the project website in due time.If your organisation would like to be mentored (in one of the countries of the consortium RO, MT, PT, LT, UK and EE) please send your request to acata1@camis.pub.ro.

euCAD seminar

Bistrita Nasaud Chamber of Commerce and Industry together with University Politehnica of Bucharest is organising a free seminar entitled "Creativity and Innovation through CAD" on the 27th of March 2010. Venue: premises of Bistrita Nasaud Chamber of Commerce and Industry Time:10.00-12.00 am Registration is free and can be done by sending an email to acata1@camis,pub.ro. Any other querries can be redirected to the same email address.

euCAD visit to Estonian Chamber of Commerce

The Estonian partner of the euCAD consortium had organised a free seminar in cooperation with the Estonia Chamber of COmmerce and Industry (ECC) at their premises on the 7th of May 2010. All partners had participated to this event.

euCAD 5th consortium meeting

The euCAD 5th consortium meeting took place in Tallinn, Estonia, at the premises of Usesoft AS on the 6th-8th of May 2010.

Romanian section of the euCAD forum

A Romanian section of the euCAD forum is now available to our target audience. If you would like to benefit from our CAD/CAM, creativity and innovation discussions, please go to euCAD forum.

euCAD workshop

University Politehnica of Bucharest is organising a free seminar entitled "Creativity and Innovation through CAD" on the 11th of March 2010. Venue: "Mihai Eminescu" Vocational College, Slobozia, Ialomita 10.00-12.00 am Registration is free and can be done by sending an email to acata1@camis,pub.ro.

euCAD seminar

University Politehnica of Bucharest is organising a free seminar entitled "Creativity and Innovation through CAD" on the 11th of March 2010. Venue: Faculty of IMST, Splaiul Independentei 313, Bucharest. Room: CB213 10.00-12.00 am Registration is free and can be done by sending an email to acata1@camis.pub.ro.

euCAD visited UK Design Council

The euCAD consortium has visited the UK Design Council on the 18th of December 2009.

Fourth consortium meeting

The euCAD project fourth consortium meeting took place in London, United Kingdom on 17th-19th of December 2009. Host: Product First ltd.

euCAD third consortium meeting

The euCAD third consortium meeting took place in Bucharest, Romania, on 10-12th of September.

euCAD Newsletter 2

The euCAD newsletter is available here.

euCAD Newsletter 1

The euCAD newsletter is now available at here

euCAD mirror sites

We are pleased to announce that mirror sites for the euCAD project are now available here (designed and implemented by the Maltese partner MECB) and here (designed and implemented by the Lithuanian parner ITI).

euCAD - present in The Parliament Magazine

euCAD project is present in The Parliament Magazine, in the special 27th of April issue (no.287) that is focused on the SMEs week in Europe. The online version can be found here.

2009- European Year of Creativity & Innovation

This year is the European Year of Creativity and Innovation. The European Year of Creativity and Innovation - 2009 aims to raise awareness of the importance of creativity and innovation for personal, social and economic development. For more information please visit this link.

Design as a driver of user-centred innovation

"Design as a driver of user-centred innovation" published in the "Enterprise & Industry - e-Newsletter - 24/04/2009" available in the link.

Second Consortium Meeting

The second consortium meeting will be held in Malta, 26th of March -28th of March 2009. Host: MECB Ltd.

euCAD on ADAM portal

The euCAD project is now present in the ADAM portal, the official Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency - EACEA portal to Leonardo da Vinci projects. Information on euCAD is available here.

First consortium meeting

The first consortium meeting was held in Kaunas, Lithuania, 18th of December-20th of December 2008. Host: Information Technology Institute.